Deep Thoughts with Sugar

Sugar likes to have deep theological discussions right at bedtime as a last-ditch effort to keep me or Thomas in there for a few more minutes. A few nights ago, she was saying she was scared that bad guys might come in the house since Daddy was gone and not there to protect us. I explained that God was here with us and loves us and has good plans for us. The conversation proceeded like this:
Sugar: You mean, God is right here, in my room?!
Me: Well, yes. He promises never to leave you. You cannot see Him, but He can always see you.
Sugar: Oh, that’s right, because He is in my heart! (Gulp.) I just swallowed Jesus!
Me: Good night.
We have been skyping with Thomas while he was away, which I think is the back story for this one. While talking with Nana on the phone today, she asked, “Nana, can you see inside my ear?”
I was pulling weeds in the backyard grass (which is futile, it is all weeds, who am I kidding?), and Sugar said, “Now Momma, I sure love you, but these beautiful white flowers are not weeds! You do not need to pull them up.”

It cracks me up that she prefaced her reprimand by telling me she loves me.

One Response to “Deep Thoughts with Sugar”

  1. Love it! Those conversations are so great.