Speedy is 7 Months Old!

Little Mister Speedy is scooting himself all over the place, from room to room in search of new adventures, even trying to get outside if a door is left open. He can army crawl quickly, and then likes to get up on his knees and rock, and has just mastered the ability to go from knees to sitting on his bottom. He figured that out yesterday, though he was working on it for the past week. He will sit and play contentedly for a minute, then tips himself over and is off again.

One of his favorite things to find is Rapunzel. Sugar says that he wants to marry Rapunzel, and while I’m not so sure of that, he sure gives Rapunzel sweet smiles and squeals.

We experimented with the “Baby-led Weaning” approach to starting solid foods more this month. Speedy enjoys asparagus and made a delightful mess of broccoli and gagged on some green beans. Then, my bravery with baby-led weaning ended (the gagging was awful and he was rarely actually eating anything), and we went back to trying baby food. He was still making all kinds of awful faces with every bite of fruit I tried, and only swallowing one or two bites before he spat the rest out. I decided to try some vegetables, and surprisingly, he has done much better with butternut squash and carrots. I haven’t tried anything else yet (the poor kid only gets baby food a couple nights a week), but he seems to lack the sweet tooth that my other two kids had… so far.

Speedy is taking longer naps these days, normally 1.5-2.5 hours long, and takes 2-3 naps a day. He is ready for bed around 6:45-7:30 and wakes 2-3 times a night. His internal clock still thinks that 4-5 a.m. is a great time to sing and babble in his crib for an hour, but I just turn off the baby monitor and he goes back to sleep on his own eventually.

He is still living up to his nickname and seems to never stop moving or going unless he is being held (and then he is often trying to grab anything within reach or climb up my chest), or unless he is confined to a seat with a five point harness or the baby swing outside. He is so happy in that thing! He is such a fun baby. I guess it is a third child thing, but the crazier things are (as in the more people are around and the louder it is), the happier he gets. We had 15 kids and 8 adults here for dinner a couple weeks ago, and Speedy was so excited and busy the whole time. It seems none of my children have inherited my introverted personality.

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