March in Our Home

March has been a productive month of many big projects here in at the Supercinski home. We had Big Event come out and help paint the walls of our garage (which were nasty). We got a group of girls who had never painted before, but all had watched a lot of HGTV. They worked really hard and got it all done, along with some pruning work and laying new mulch in our front flower bed. Since the girls dripped paint all over the place and everything was out of our garage anyway, Thomas went ahead and painted the garage floor, too. It looks so nice now! Here’s to keeping it tidy and organized for years to come!

While Big Event was going on in the garage and front yard, my mom’s super-handy husband, Woody, was busy in the house putting in cabinets and shelving in this random cove in our living room. The cove’s purpose at one point was an entertainment center, but all we’ve had there is a too-small bookshelf. It looks amazing. Woody is awesome. It is still not painted, but it will be very soon.

The garden is growing like crazy–onions are getting huge, kale and spinach have been growing beyond our ability to consume them, and new broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and lettuce are all coming up strong. We ate many, many servings of broccoli from our fall garden. We were all so sick of it, and it started flowering in the heat. We also got three meals worth of sugar snap peas before they withered in the heat. We also planted some zucchini, green beans, and squash from seeds and tomato and bell pepper transplants in the last week. You can see Sugar “mowing” on the other side of the garden here:

Thomas had a four-day-long trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (as Sugar and Bud like to call it) for work one week in the middle of the month. It was a long week, but we survived and I stayed up too late reading kid’s books.

We also made a trip to visit my dad for his birthday. It was fun seeing my sister and everyone else, and the kids did great. It was a pity that it was raining since Pa’s house offers much outdoor entertainment.

I did a lot of sewing for Sugar this month, but that is another post.

We also made a trip to the Waco Zoo to see Thomas’ sister, brother-in-law and nephew, along with Thomas’ parents. There were too many pictures, so I will document that trip in a separate post.

Lastly, we hosted some sweet families here with a common mission among them. It was a great time to get to know everyone better and hopefully encourage others in their work. There were 15 kids, 2 of them newborns, and 8 adults here to play and talk. The kids had a picnic outside and played out there until Sugar had the brilliant idea to rig the water house up to the top of the fort so that it made a waterslide. She talked two other girls into sliding on it fully dressed until I saw what was up. It was 72 degrees outside. She’s a party animal, that girl!

One Response to “March in Our Home”

  1. I love the Waco zoo! It’s so little and well laid out.

    What a fun time with all of your like-minded families. I would love to have a group like that where we actually talk about big things and not just the day to day. Hmm..feeling a little inspired now!