Sewing Projects: Dresses for Sugar

I have been avoiding Pinterest lately for several reasons. Some of them include:
1) It makes me hungry for sweets that I don’t crave normally
2) I get too many ideas of things to do and I don’t have much time
3) I get really annoyed with all of those “lose all your tummy fat in 20 days with this easy workout!” pins. Come on, people!

That was a random vent because I didn’t get any of these sewing project ideas from Pinterest, but I did pin them after I found them. First, Sugar really needed some new short-sleeve shirts, but refused to part with her old ones which were stained and becoming mid-drift tops. She pledged her undying love for her shirts with such emotion that I knew I couldn’t simply take them out of her closet and hide them when she wasn’t looking. So I got creative. I bought 1/2 a yard of the “tutti-fruiti” collection fabric at Joann’s for each shirt and sewed a skirt on the bottom with elastic along the waist. Three of the four turned out really great. One was ridiculously short, though I am not sure what happened with that one. They were quick projects, each only taking about 30 minutes to finish. Her she is at the zoo in one:

While at Joann’s I scored a one yard remnant of cupcake print 75% off. I made this little dress for Sugar. She loves it. Shirring is so easy! I want to make her another one, but I don’t want to haul everyone to the fabric store again.

These were all so much fun, and she was so appreciative, that I started thinking about Sugar’s pajama situation. I loathe buying pajamas. They are so cute, but no one ever sees them and they just get covered in breakfast in the morning anyway. I saw this blog post on converting old grown-up shirts into nightgowns, and I tried it on two of my old t-shirts. They came out so cute and fit really well. I shirred the sleeves and neckline to make them more feminine for my girly-girl.

She decided afterward that girls don’t wear blue or red. (Yes, this is what we go through on a daily basis.) I had also made two out of old knit tops of mine that were in my Goodwill pile because they were so short. These are my favorites. Too bad I cleaned out most of my too-short shirts last month for our garage sale!

Sugar had enough modeling for one week, but this one she insists is too pretty for pajamas since I put two ruffles (cupcake print again) along the top.

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